Cathy Ruhmann - Owner
Experience: 19 years in Automotive Collision
Hobbies: Quilting, Horseback riding, Volunteering and Relaxing with My Family
Favorite Candy Bar: I'm an ice cream girl!
Dream Car: BMW 7 Series 

Jesse Ruhmann - Owner/Collision Repair Technician
Experience: 21 years in Automotive Collision
Hobbies: Volunteer Fire Fighter, Camping & Traveling
Favorite Candy Bar: Snickers Almond
Dream Car: 1971 Cummins International Travelall

Terry Schwirtz - Collision Repair Technician
Experience: 20 years in Automotive Collision
Hobbies: Outdoor Sports, Riding 4-Wheeler, Darts, and Pool
Favorite Candy Bar: Baby Ruth
Dream Car: Hellcat

Chad Flewelling - Quality Control Manager
Experience: 12 Years
Hobbies: Darts, Pool, Hunting & Fishing
Favorite Candy Bar: Butterfinger
Dream Car: 67' Vette

Greg Downer - General Manager
Experience: 4 years in Automotive and Aviation
Hobbies: Coaching Hockey, Flying, & any Sports Activity
Favorite Candy Bar: Skor
Dream Car: Tesla

Chris Torgerson - Automotive Refinish Specialist
Experience: 16 years in Automotive Collision
Hobbies: Work and Kids.
Favorite Candy Bar: Nutty Buddy Bars
Dream Car: Dodge Grand Caravan "Loaded". It's for the kids!

1513 Stage Coach Rd
Shakopee, MN 55379